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10/24/06 – 01/24/20

Boo was an AKC pure-bred, long-haired miniature dachshund (red) but I did not bother to register her since I wasn’t planning on breeding her. Boo was my post-divorce, emotional support (giver of unconditional love) dog. While Boo was my dog everyone in my family loved her as their own (including my ex-wife, Stephanie) as well as Tina, my girlfriend. Boo was named after the little girl in Monsters Inc. (2001) Because I lived on seven acres, five miles east of Van Alstyne, when I adopted Boo,. she grew up as a country dog. The farm dogs that monitored a 40 acre territory helped raise Boo, but not without some reticence on my part. One of the cutest memories is of Boo trying to chase cars and trucks like the big farm dogs. I would sometimes sit out on the front porch with the big farm dogs. They liked to hang out there because it was shaded from the hot summer sun.

For whatever reason, these big dogs would only chase certain vehicles (cars, trucks). My house was about 50’ from the road and some cars would just drive by and the dogs would sit on my front porch and just observe them. But based on exhaust and/or tire noise, other cars or trucks would trigger an all-out, barking sprint for the big dogs to race from my front porch to the road in an attempt to catch them. Boo would take off barking along with the big dogs, running as fast as her little legs would carry her. I never had to worry about her getting hit following the big dogs, as they would be headed back to the front porch by the time Boo had reached the bar ditch. Since her passing, I realize how I miss Boo waiting for me at whatever door she heard me when coming home.

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